Contact Details

We have 2 forms, one for the coaches and one for the front line workers.

COACHES, Please provide one type of contact details.
How do you, the coach, want to be contacted by the person-in-need-of-coaching? It could be your website, your LinkedIn-profile-link, your Facebook group, your phone, your e-mail address.  Just one please

Please be aware of the following information

Your contact details will be provided to all the persons in need and all the Coaches being part of our community ‘Coaching through Covid’, along with the contact details from all other coaches. 
If you have any problem with this, do not fill out the form.

No one will get paid for the time invested in any coaching. 
I don’t get paid for setting up this project and/or coaching workers in the frontline. 

Rita Termote shall have no liability to the coaches or clients for any error of judgment, mistake of law, or for any loss nor for any other act or omission, in the performance of the coaching involved in the Coaching through Covid program. Coaches reserve the right to ask the client to sign an agreement before any coaching session takes place.

NL_Rita Termote kan in geen enkel geval worden verantwoordelijk gesteld voor om het even welke fouten of besluiten, acties, schadelijke gevolgen naar aanleiding van prestaties geleverd door één van de coaches van het project Coaching Through Covid. Coaches mogen, voorafgaand aan de coaching sessie, aan de front line worker vragen om een “Klantenovereenkomst” te ondertekenen.

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